Microsoft Azure

Understanding Azure Cosmos DB – DocumentDB vNext and more

One of Build 2017’s most interesting launches was Cosmos DB – a new NoSQL database for Azure. It replaces the existing DocumentDB offering and augments… more »


Build 2016 expectations: No strategic surprises

As I write this, I’m sitting in San Francisco, waiting for Microsoft’s Build conference to start. The two keynotes on Wednesday and Thursday… more »

Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure poster November 2013 edition

A lot has happened since I published the original version of my Windows Azure poster in June 2012. It is time to update.… more »


State of ASP.NET part 3: Modern tooling

With the the modern web leaping ahead, Visual Studio has looked like a clumsy and enterprisey toolkit… but its getting leaner and faster.… more »


State of ASP.NET part 2: One ASP.NET

ASP.NET has expanded into multiple code frameworks, including Web Forms, MVC and Web API. First these siblings grew apart, and now they’re coming… more »


State of ASP.NET part 1: Leaving the parents

ASP.NET is working hard to loosen its connections to both Visual Studio and .NET Framework releases in general. What does this mean to… more »


Bing as a service: Bringing real world into applications

Microsoft is pushing Bing as a background platform for many of its products, including Windows 8.1. But after Build, Bing is also a… more »


Approaching Build: What is the “Blue” wave?

This week will be quite a barrage of Microsoft-related information. TechEd Europe kicks off tomorrow in Madrid, and the Build conference will get… more »

Microsoft Azure

WebMatrix 3 is the free site editor for Azure

On May 1st, Microsoft officially launched WebMatrix 3. As with so many other Microsoft products, the third version is the one worth serious… more »


Windows Azure Active Directory: Microsoft’s stab at cloud identity

Cloud-driven identity is the evolutionary next step from the dichotomy of traditional enterprise directories and application-level user information stores. But as such, it… more »