Windows Azure poster November 2013 edition

A lot has happened since I published the original version of my Windows Azure poster in June 2012. It is time to update.

A readability note: Click on the image below for a larger bitmap (2806×1984 PNG), or download this PDF version. Note that most low-power devices cannot render the PDF, and Adobe Acrobat seems to have the best performance with vector graphics of this complexity. It works great if you print it though. The poster is intended to be reproduced as a landscape A2, although A3 is barely legible as well.


A couple of notes on the content:

Composing a poster of this kind involves a lot of judgment calls. The ones I’ve made are mine, and the poster is not an official representation of Windows Azure product structure.

The poster is somewhat developer-focused, and I have intentionally de-emphasized features that are typically only relevant to IT pros or certain deployment scenarios (such as virtual networks and firewall configurations inside Azure).

All mentioned prices are the official list prices in US dollars. Some products are in preview discount (typically –50%), but I haven’t used the discounted prices to improve the longevity of the poster.


With all that said, feedback and comments are very much welcome. I will update the poster in the future, although I haven’t decided on a particular schedule.

P.S. If you’re coming to Microsoft Finland Azure Dev Days on 11th November, you will get a printed copy.

Jouni works as a consultant focusing on Microsoft technologies and technology strategy. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director. Prior to his current job, he has an extensive background in development, IT administration and business management. He's been doing this for a living since 1995.


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